The Reaver Road - Dave Duncan

The Reaver Road

By Dave Duncan

  • Release Date: 2014-04-01
  • Genre: Histoire


Omar is the finest storyteller the world has ever known, captivating audiences everywhere, from the campfires of soldier camps to the plush residences of nobility. In times of turmoil, people can still appreciate a good tale that offers respite from their troubles. But as hordes of barbarian soldiers surround the unvanquished city of Zanadon after ravaging the surrounding countryside, few things are certain any longer. Omar has been guided to the city by prophetic dreams, yet finds himself in an increasingly dangerous situation as the people grow more desperate and the gift of a glib tongue turns into a curse. 

Dave Duncan, born in Scotland in 1933, is a Canadian citizen. He received his diploma from Dundee High School and got his college education at the University of Saint Andrews. He moved to Canada in 1955, where he still lives with his wife. He has three grown children and four grandchildren. He spent thirty years as a petroleum geologist.

He has had dozens of fantasy and science fiction novels published, among them A ROSE-RED CITY, MAGIC CASEMENT and THE REAVER ROAD, as well as a highly praised historical novel, DAUGHTER OF TROY, published, for commercial reasons, under the pseudonym Sarah B. Franklin. He also published the "Longdirk" series of novels, DEMON SWORD, DEMON KNIGHT and DEMON RIDER, under the name Ken Hood.

His website is

In the Fall of 2007, Duncan's 2006 novel, CHILDREN OF CHAOS, published by Tor Books, was nominated for both the Prix Aurora Award and the Endeavour Award.

In May 2013, Duncan, a founding member of SFCanada in 1989, was honored by election as a lifetime member by his fellow writers, editors and academics.