Rogue Beast - Kylie Gilmore

Rogue Beast

By Kylie Gilmore

  • Release Date: 2020-09-29
  • Genre: Contemporain


Beauty meets Beast in a case of mistaken identity, a fake relationship, and very real chemistry…
Everyone thinks I’m tough as nails because I used to play a CEO on TV. I’m not. Unfortunately, it’s brought weird stalker men out of the woodwork, which is why I finally broke down and hired a bodyguard. Cut to: a beast of a man with striking aquamarine eyes shows up on the set of my new show. Insta-lust like I’ve never felt before completely takes me by surprise. I’m talking a full head-to-toe rush of heat, fluttering stomach, every nerve ending alive.
This is a problem. I have a boyfriend, and this is supposed to be a professional relationship. I’m as awkward as a teenager trying to figure out how I’m going to handle close proximity to the man.
And then my real bodyguard shows up.
I was visiting my sister-in-law on set when Harper Ellis invited me to her trailer. She’s a beauty, all right. A little shy and very sweet. We really connected, so I didn’t want to spoil the moment by admitting I wasn’t her bodyguard.
Her real guard shows up and I figure that’s the end of it. Turns out she’s got a boyfriend. But then they breakup and the fallout makes people feel sorry for her (the guy cheated on her in a public way). To save face she claims she was seeing me.
I don’t care if we’re faking a relationship for the good PR, the chemistry is real, and I start thinking we have a future. Until her show gets cancelled and she gets a new job an ocean away. 
How do you hang onto someone who can’t be tied down? I’m about to find out.

This romantic comedy stands alone with a swoonworthy happily-ever-after! No cliffhangers.

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