Rogue Devil - Kylie Gilmore

Rogue Devil

By Kylie Gilmore

  • Release Date: 2020-07-21
  • Genre: Contemporain


A slow burn friends to lovers romance!

I’m not sure how I got Chloe Travers as my best friend, but there it is. My best bro is a woman. Up until recently, when she moved in next door, it’s worked out great. Clear boundaries are the key. Well, except there was that one time. Eh-hem. Rules were definitely broken.
Chloe made it clear that night was a mistake, and I agreed. But now I’m not so sure. We’re spending every spare moment together doing everything but that one thing we swore we’d never do again, and damn, it’s driving me insane.
She’s leaving soon, back to school on her way to becoming a doctor, and I can’t hold back much longer.
I want to cross that line again one last time. But what if I make a move and lose her?

This romantic comedy stands alone with a swoonworthy happily-ever-after! No cliffhangers.

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